so i’ve been entertaining the thought of getting a tattoo. It never appealed to me befor because there was nothing precious enough in my life that I wanted permanently on my skin, but, I’ve thought about going at it from a different approach.

I really want to maintain a happy healthy active lifestyle, and at my current 150lbs I’m not doing so bad. But I could be doing better. Lately gaining weight has been easier, so I want to change my habits to set me up for the long run. If I can get myself down to 130lbs without extreme dieting/excersizing, just from everyday healthy habit, then I will get the cutest wiggliest jiggliest tentacle tattoo. I will consider it a badge for overcoming a barrier that I’ve been struggling with since childhood.

I’ve finally found something precious enough to me; my own hardwork and determination


i died at Coogle. 




no but srsly what is it

Jessie Cave is such a cutie pie~


Seto Kaifa

Sefo Kaita

Young Jennifer Aniston is so cool

Let’s get real for a moment;

There. is. nothing. wrong. with. you. 


concept art for my new film, about straight-LGBTQ alliances