The Fujoshi Life

Too relatable. 

everybody get up and go for a bike ride.

Basketball anime is the only thing that gets me. 

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inthemud asked: i'm all flustered because my memory is so bad lkasfjdskg i hope you don't hate me

omggg i could never hate yo5uy45 megmkq! i remember i was in the midst of drawing you some smutty fan arty things and then school consumed my soul. i cant multi task. its too painful. step 1. finish school. step 2. draw porn for you <3 

less than a month and im freeeeeeee. ive already decided im going to read 100 mangas as soon as i graduate. what are you upto? <:

By Egon Schiele


I find Benedict Cumberbatch to be extremely attractive.
APRIL FOO- oh wait nevermind…

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My Eyes Are Down Here

Photographed by Alex

Model: Sydni

I photographed my room mates boobies. 





Kordale And Kaleb, Gay Black Fathers, Respond To Twitter Outrage Over Instagram Photos | HuffPost Gay Voices

A photo of two gay fathers has gone viral on the Internet — but maybe not for the reasons that you would expect.

This is great.

This makes me so happy :D They look so hapy even when they’re not smiling oooh ^-^

Hell yeah!

i love this with all of my love